About Eva aluminium

?? ?? ?? ??Eva of lishui city aluminum industry co., LTD is located in beautiful scenery of lishui city, zhejiang province economic and technological development zone,Adjacent to jinjiwen expressway,The transportation is convenient。??

?? ?? ?? ??My company main products are copper clad aluminum wire and5154Aluminum magnesium alloy wire,Specifications in diameter7.8mm-0.12mm,The product is suitable for all kinds of wire shielding layer、Communication cables、Coaxial cable、Enameled wire、Zippers、Aluminum magnesium alloy fence netting、The rivet、Anti-corrosion materials。

?? ?? ?? ??The company always adhere to the“Lean production,The customer is supreme”The idea of,Welcome new and old customers to patronize。

The company product information

Our company supply various specifications of copper clad aluminum magnesium,Copper clad aluminum string cable,Specifications 0.1000000-00-0-0-0-01.0mm。Copper content:5%-10%。

Through the aluminum magnesium alloy wire(Brand:5154)A layer of copper on the surface plating,Has good electrical conductivity of copper,But also has the proportion of aluminum magnesium alloys,The advantage of high tensile strength。…

Brand:5154Aluminum magnesium alloys Standard:GBT 319000000-00-0-0-0-02008 Overview:Mainly for the magnesium alloy components,Compared with pure aluminium wire,Good tensile strength,And performance。…